Quick Guide to Properly Register a Free Agent Account!

Quick Guide to Properly Register a Free Agent Account!

New to Wamago? Register an Account and Start Advertising your Properties for Free. When you click on register, you will be prompt to fill some fields: name, a username (must be at least 8 letters), a valid email to which you want potential customers to contact you and provide a workable phone number so customers can call you directly from the web app to request a meeting, a tour or more information about your advertised property. Confirm you wrote correctly your email before you submit your registration. A strong password generated by Wamago system will be sent instantly to your email. Check your email and save the password in a safe place (check your junk box for Hotmail, outlook’s emails).

Now that you received your password, login to your account and fill in all the fields in your account profile. 

You can change your password with one more stronger and harder to memorize but never use family or friends names, birthdays or short passwords, they are predictable by hackers and risk to jeopardize your entire account. Here are some recommendations:

  1. Always use strong passwords for your accounts and keep them safe. Do not share the password of your email accounts with any one.
  2. Keep the computer from which you access your WAMAGO account as clean as possible from any kind of viruses and malware. Malware can get your logins credentials easily and use them to their benefits.
  3. Change your password at regular intervals (each one or two months). Change immediately all passwords you used to access personal accounts from public networks.
  4. Proceed without delay to modify any password you received or sent by email.

We will guide you, through this step by step tutorial, how to create and advertise property.

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