Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Why You Should List Your Properties on

Wamago is a fast booming online marketplace for real estate agents around the world. You should list your properties in Wamago for these three simple reasons:

  1. The most competitive low prices in the real Estate marketplace—you can list unlimited properties for free
  2. Free CRM for sale leaders. With the easy-to-use Wamago CRM, you will never have to manually update reports or wonder how your team is performing to reach the desired quota.
  3. Based on Membership only, Wamago has a modern, sophisticated, easy access and search friendly design and most importantly an advanced and easy-to-use front-end dashboard.

Free and Paid Membership Explained

Yes. We have free listing package that allows user to advertise up to 10 listings. 

Yes and no, but your free membership package expires. It only has 2 months lifespan.

that said, listings expire when your membership does. But, they will remain in your dashboard under expired listings tab.

However, you can renew your free membership package and your expired listings will automatically be republished.

You can list as many as 10 listings for free for ever. Just select the free package and renew it when it expires.

You can list one or unlimited listings. The sky is your limit.

The images are the perfect presentation of a property because they generate an excellent idea of how a property would look like. That’s why most of real estate agents put their expectations on the quality of their listings images to attract more leads and consequently more closed deals. For this reason, photos must be clear, neat and with good resolution.

No. Allowed and permitted images as per our listing policy must not include logos, texts, watermarks and definitely must not be a photo collage. That’s said, any new listings that are not in compliance with wamago’s listing’s image policy will not be approved until image policy is met.

On the other hand, your profile image or logo will be displayed in every listing detail page as well your phone number, office address, bio and any other information to promote your business.

Read our terms and conditions (clause 6 Use of services: “Uploaded images must not include logos, texts, watermarks and definitely must not be a photo collage. Any listing that is not in compliance will not be approved.”)

Property’s images that include logo, text or any kind of branding are not allowed. Listing will not be published and related images will be automatically removed from Wamago’s servers. 

You can upload your logo to your profile and it will display in all your listings detail pages.

Read our terms and conditions (clause 6 Use of services: “Uploaded images must not include logos, texts, watermarks and definitely must not be a photo collage. Any listing that is not in compliance will not be approved.”)

First of all, make sure to login to your profile and fill in your profile information in order to validate your account and approve your listings. (read the images’ policy)

You will need to provide us, within your wamago profile, with the following information:

If your company is registered as a Real Eatate Agency or Agent:

Full personal name
Company’s name
Website URL (if any)
Social Media profiles (if any)
Company Tax Number
Office address
Mobile phone number
Landline (if available)
REAL syndicate membership number

If you’re an individual registered as Real Estate Agent :

All mentioned above plus your personal TIN (tax number).
*Omit “Company’s name and company’s tax number” if not available.

Make sure you got the right membership plan to get started!

Help us help you!

Absolutely! Membership enables you to add your properties listings to wamago.

You can get either free membership or paid membership, you decide which one fits your business scheme.


Easy! Login to your account on and click on the right top Menu -> Membership -> Get Membership Plan. Choose the membership plan you desire and click on Get Started -> Complete Membership and voilà!

Once this is done, your new plan will be approved within a few minutes.

No. A user—agency, agent, seller, owner, developer or properties manager— can only have one package at a time.

The user can upgrade or downgrade to any other active package on Wamago.

A featured listing appears on top of any search listings that match the same criteria, a buyer makes.

Listing properties on wamago marketplace is free. The cost of a featured listing is as low as 5 USD per month. This very low and unbeatable price depends on the level of your membership package.

Keep track of all your leads and customers without having to pay for an external CRM solution.

  • Leads Managements
  • Inquiries Management
  • Manage Deals
  • Track Performances
  • Insight Property Data
  • Track Activities

No. Though the package allows the agency to publish listings, this package cannot be shared.

Each agent must have his own membership package. FREE membership works fine for everyone. That’s unbelievable right? 

The front-end dashboard has many valuable features that allow users to manage their property listings in a smart and productive way.

  1. Property Management: add, edit, put on hold a listing. Make a listing a featured property with just one click.
  2. CRM: advanced Customer Relationship Management
  3. Insight Property Data
  4. User Profile
  5. Invoices
  6. Membership: it allows users to select their membership’s level. Easy to upgrade or downgrade 
  7. Agency level has capabilities to manage and add its own agents

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