Setting Up an XML or CVS Feed Saves Massive Amount of Time!

XML/CVS feed

Setting Up an XML or CVS Feed Saves Massive Amount of Time!

You are few clicks away of listings hundreds of properties to wamago real estate portal using XML/CVS feed. It only takes few minutes and it saves real estate agencies, brokers and agents a massive amount of time. doing business with wamago is very agreeable and fruitful..

What Should an XML or CVS Feed contain?

The XML/CVS data feed file must contain specific details about the advertiser’s properties. Each property is a new record in the file and includes the following:

property title,
images links,
property type (apartment, villa, land etc..),
property status (for sale or rent),
Property details (bedroom, bathroom, area, garage etc.),
state/region/district/municipality or county,
city or town,
video URL
360° virtual tour (iframe/embedded code)
map and street address,
geolocation (latitude and longitude),
property features

and so on.

For the XML or CVS feed to work and to reflect accurately, the data feed must contain specific information… Having the feed of data return in an XML format provides a universal, easy to parse solution for partners to pull the data from the advertiser website and display them on wamago portal.

Provide us with your XML or CVS feed file, and will do the job for you!

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